Best Product for Hair Loss

Review of Hairmax Lasercomb Advanced 7 – our pick as Best Product for Hair Loss


best-product-for-hair-loss-laser-max-7-largeWhy did this get our vote as Best Product for Hair Loss?


This is a state-of-the-art product. It emits low-power laser light onto the scalp  to reduce hair loss and promote hair growth. This process is painless and the laser comb is easy to use.


This is the only product of its kind cleared by the FDA (Food and Drug Licensing Authority).  This means they have seen enough evidence from clinical trails to be convinced that it is safe and effective in reducing hair loss. It is also one of the best products for hair growth.


Treatment with this laser comb involves slowly and gently combing the hair with it for 15 minutes, three times a week.  User experiences will vary, but results can be expected within the first 3-4 months.  Over 90% of  users seeing a benefit by month 5.


The Hairmax lasercomb uses the process of photo-biostimulation. This  infuses the hair follicle with the energy necessary to grow and maintain a thick and healthy hair. This means that light from the laser penetrates the scalp and increases the action of an molecule carrying energy around the body. This improves and speeds up hair growth and thickens and strengthens existing hair. It not only combats hair loss but is one of the best products for hair growth.


This has no effect on any other part of the body so there are no side effects at all to worry about. It is a quick, clean and efficient way of  dealing with hair loss which is why it gets our vote as Best Product for Hair Loss! 


Included with the advanced 7 is: (1) device, (2) docking stand, (3) soft shell travel case (4) batteries included (5) user manual.


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By +Liz Chapman