Full comparison of the best hair loss products for men and women


The full  guide to best hair loss products for men and women below contains  50 hair loss products  for you to compare.

Included in the matrix are 8 columns:

  • Product brand and name  with picture of product– (click to view more details or to purchase)
  • Type of product eg liquid,  foam or tablets.
  • Size of bottle or can
  • Length of time this should last
  • Main ingredient(s) in product
  • What it does
  • Price – These are approximate prices on Amazon.com.  These change frequently based on availability, special promotions, and more. But generally speaking: $ = under $25, $$ = $25 to $50, $$$= $50 to $75 and $$$$ = $75 to $100, $$$$$ = over $100
  • Rating – The average user rating on Amazon.com.  This can be very helpful in deciding if people are satisfied with their purchase.

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Best hair loss productsType of productSize of bottleLength of time it lastsMain ingredientWhat it doesPriceRating out of 5
Kirkland Minoxidil for Men 12 Months Supply
Topical Liquid60 mls x 121 year5% MinoxidilBlocks DHT so hair can grow again$$4.2
Nioxin System 3 Cleanser & Scalp Therapy Conditioner
Cleanser and scalp therapy conditioner for fine hair1 L x 26 monthsProtective herbs and botanicalsThickens and strengthens hair. Protects scalp.$$4.3
Rogaine Foam 3 Month Supply
Aerosol Foam60 mls x 33 months5% MinoxidilBlocks DHT so hair can grow again$$$4.1
Rogaine for Women Hair Regrowth Treatment
Topical Liquid for women60 mls x 33 months2% MinoxidilBlocks DHT so hair can grow again$$3.9
Rogaine for Men Hair Regrowth Treatment
the-best-hair -loss-products-for-men-Rogaine
Topical Liquid60 mls x 33 months5% MinoxidilBlocks DHT so hair can grow again$$4.0
Ultrax Labs Hair Surge Caffeine Shampoobest-hair-loss-products-for-men-surge-smallShampoo1 monthCaffeine, 0.2% Ketoconazole, Saw PalmettoExtends life cycle of hair follicles, improves circulation and may block DHT$$4.3
Kirkland Minoxidil 5% Extra Strength Hair Regrowth for Men
Topical Liquid with dropper60 mls x 66 months5% MinoxidilBlocks DHT so hair can grow again$$3.8
Tropic Isle Strong Roots Red Pimento Hair Growth Oil
Topical oil118 mlsJamaican Red Pimento Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Wheat Germ, and Organic Coconut OilConditions scalp and adds volume to hair$4.1
Kirkland Minoxidil For Men Foam
Aerosol Foam60 mls x 66 months5% MinoxidilBlocks DHT so hair can grow again$$$4.3
Wild Growth Hair Oil
Topical oil114 mlsConditions, detangles and promotes growth$3.9
Lipogaine for Menthe-best-hair-loss-products-for-men-lipogaineTopical Liquid60 mls x 33 months5% Minoxidil apple polyphenol, biotin, biotinyl-tripeptide, niacin, vitamin B6 and B15Blocks DHT so hair can grow again$$4.0
Hairfinity Hair Vitamins
Capsules to be swallowed60 capsules1 monthVitamins, minerals and amino-acidsEnsures all nutrients for healthy hair growth$$3.7
Nioxin System 4 Cleanser & Scalp Therapy Conditioner the-best-hair-loss-products-for-men-nioxinCleanser and scalp therapy conditioner for fine treated hair1L x 26 monthsProtective herbs and botanicalsThickens and strengthens hair. Protects scalp.$$4.3
Nioxin Diamax
Topical liquid1LNiacinamide, Panthenol and CaffeineThickens and protects hair$$4.0
Gro-aut Hair Growth Oilbest-hair-loss-products-for-men-gro-aut-growth-oilTopical Oil114 mlsCoconut, jojoba, rosemary and lavander oils, with herbs and biotinEncourages growth, strengthens and repairs hair$4.0
Caboki Hair Loss Concealer
Fibres75 gms50 - 75 daysFibresMakes hair look thicker and fills in thinning areas$$3.9
Ultrax Labs Hair Maxx Hair Growth Supplement
Tablets60 tablets1 monthOver 20 essential vitamins, minerals and herbsIncreases hair growth and thickness and may block DHT$$$4.8
Viviscal Hair Dietary Supplements
Tablets60 tablets1 monthVitamin and mineral supplementAids healthy hair growth$$4.0
Equate - Hair Regrowth Treatment for Women with Minoxidil 2%
Topical Liquid for women60 mls x 33 months2% MinoxidilBlocks DHT so hair can grow again$$4.0
XFusion Keratin Hair Fibers Regular
Keratin fibers - brown (works best if applicator is used)12 gms30 dayKeratin fibresMakes hair look thicker and fills in thinning areas$4.6
Lipogaine for Women: Minoxidil Enhanced with Biotin and Vitamins
Topical Liquid for women60 mls x 33 months2% Minoxidil , Biotin, Niacin, Apple polyphenolBlocks DHT so hair can grow again$$3.5
Perfect Hair Regrowth Shampoo
Shampoo236 mlsKetoconazole DHT Inhibitor, Saw Palmetto, Emu Oil, Biotin & Scalp Exfoliating Agent Salicylic Acid Exfoliates for grater minoxidil penetration and may also inhibit DHT$3.8
X-Fusion Medium Brown
Keratin fibres - medium brown (works best if applicator is used)25 gms60 dayKeratin fibresMakes hair look thicker and fills in thinning areas$$4.6
XFusion Keratin Hair Fibers Light Brown
Keratin fibres - light brown (works best if applicator is used)25 gms60 dayKeratin fibresMakes hair look thicker and fills in thinning areas$$4.4
XFusion Spray Applicator
Applicator for X- Fusion keratin fibresHelps to apply X-fusion evenly$3.2
Toppik Hair Building Fibers - Medium Brown
Keratin fibres - medium brown (works best if applicator is used)25 gmsKeratin fibresMakes hair look thicker and fills in thinning areas$$4.5
Toppik Spray Applicator
Applicator for Toppik fibresHelps to apply Toppik evenly$3.4
Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo
ShampooOrganic tea tree, peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary oils. Sulfate free.Improves condition of scalp to encourage hair regrowth.$$4.9
Lipogaine Big 3 Hair Loss shampoo
Shampoo225 mlsKetonconazole and biotinHelps penetration of minoxidil products and prevents damage of follicles caused by excessive DHT in the scalp.$$3.8
X-Fusion Keratin Hair Fibers Unisex
Keratin fibres - black (works best if applicator is used)25 mlsKeratin fibersMakes hair look thicker and fills in thinning areas$4.5
Regenpure Kit
Shampoo and nourishing treatment725 mls x 21% Ketoconazole Makes hair look and feel thicker and may block DHT. Nourishes hair and scalp$$3.8
Bosley Bos Revive Shampoo and Conditioner
Shampoo and conditioner for thinning, non treated hair1L x 2Hydrates, nourishes, strengthenens and fortifies. Conditioner volumizes.$$4.0
Phytocyane Revitalizing Serum
Topical oil treatment7.5 mls x 1212 weeksamino acids, Vitamin B, Ginkgo Biloba, and Viburnum Bark ExtractsStimulates hair re-growth$$3.8
Bosley Bos Revive Shampoo & Conditioner
Shampoo and conditioner for thinning treated hair1L x 2Hydrates, nourishes, strengthenens and fortifies. Conditioner volumizes.$$3.7
DS Laboratories Spectral.R
Topical lotion with spray60 mls1 monthExtracts of Ivy, Hops, nd Capsicum; Tricolsan and vitamins and mineralsIncreases hair growth, arrests hair fall and thickens strands of hair.$4.3
Perfect Hair 2% Minoxidil for Women
Topical lotion for women60 mls1 month2% MonoxidilBlocks DHT so hair can grow again$3.7
Brahmi Hair Oil
best-hair-loss-products-for-men-brahmi oil
Topical oil237 mlsCoconut oil and Ayurvedic herbs including Brahmi leavesNourishes the scalp and prevents hair loss$4.0
Kerastase Bain Volumactive Shampoo
Volumeactive shampoo250 mlsAmpli-ciment complexGently cleanses and fortifies hair.
Enhances texture and adds volume and fullness
Ultrax Labs Hair Solace Caffeine Conditionerbest-hair-loss-products-for-men-ultrax-caffeine-conditioner-50Conditioner236 mlsCaffeine compoundsAids regrowth of hair$$5.0
Purvana Max Hair, Skin and Nails Max 30 Veg. Caps.
Capsules to be swallowed30 capsules1 monthBiotinPromotes strong hair growth$4.4
Hair Nutrient X-Strong Woman
Tablets to be swallowed60 tablets x 22 monthsVitamins and mineralsNourishes thinning hair & promotes existing hair growth$$$$4.0
Rene Furterer RF 80 Concentrated Serum for Hair Loss
Ampoules of oil1212 weeksVitamin and mineral oil including biotinNourishes and strengthens hair$$4.1
Lipogaine for Women (For Sensitive Scalp)
Topical liquid for women with sensitive scalp60 mls x 33 months2% Monixidil plus biotin, and niacinBlocks DHT so hair can grow again while protecting scalp from itching or irritation$$$4.3
Bosley Healthy Hair Vitality Supplement for Women
Tablets 60 tabletsVitamins and minerals for womenPromotes fuller looking shiny hair$3.8
Nexxus Vitatress Hair-Regrowth Food Supplement Treatment
Tablets90 tablets3 monthsB-complex vitamins, biotin, choline, inositol, methionineTreats thinning hair internally$4.1
Tricomin Solution Follicle Therapy Spray
Topical liquid spray60 mls1 monthTriamino Copper Nutritional ComplexEncourages healthy hair growth at follicle$$3.9
PhytoworxHair Recovery Regrowth Supplement
Tablets90 tablets3 monthsVitamins and mineralsProvides full nutrition for healthy hair growth$$4.6
UNA Complete Oxygenating Treatment
Full hair treatment of Compensating Shampoo 1000ml
Daily Hydro Active Conditioner 1000ml
Intensive Protein Treatment 1000ml
Oxygenating Treatment 90ml
Vitamin Leave in Treatment 250ml
Fully balanced complete treatment for hair lossShampoo gently cleanses, eliminates metabolic scum and increases exchange of nutritive elements. Conditioner maintains natural moisture balance and increases elasticity, resilience, body and shine. Protein treatment strengthens and repairs. Oxygenating treatment and leve in vitamin treatment repair and strengthen hair and ensure it is in best possible condition for healthy growth.$$$$4.6
Alter Ego Nequal Intensive Energizing Lotion
Topical oil125 mlsHerbs, seaweed, soya and wheat proteins.Helps rebalance and purify the scalp. Soya and Wheat Proteins help nourish the hair bulb,reactivate the micro circulation and increase the oxygen intake$4.4
HairMax LaserComb Advanced 7 - FDA Cleared to Promote Hair Growth
Laser comb1not applicablenot applicableLaser phototherapy provided by the HairMax Advanced 7 stimulates hair follicles, giving them the energy needed to promote hair growth and giving thicker, fuller, healthier hair.$$$$$4.0

With  50 of the best hair loss products for men and women to choose from I hope you have been able to select the very best for YOUR needs.

By +Liz Chapman