The Best Beard Oil

Why use a  beard oil?



You’ve spent ages wondering about growing a beard, then lived through the itchy, scratchy, untidy stage of early beard growth and finally achieved the look! YES – you now have a beard!

But – is it in good condition? Is it looking smooth and under control? Is your skin feeling great under it? And does it smell great?


These are all the things a good beard oil will achieve for you.the-best-beard-oil-2

Because they are made from natural oils like grapeseed,  jojoba,castor, and almond plus the essential oils which give them the great masculine smells  they nourish and support growth and are healthy for your skin. They keep the beard looking tamed with every hair just where YOU wanted it and  as you work the oil through your beard and mustache it goes straight to the follicle, in the same way as a conditioner does when you wash your hair, providing nourishment and hydration exactly where you need it..



How do you use Beard Oil?




Beard Oil is really easy to use. It is light and easily absorbed. The best method is to put between 2 and 8 drops (depending on the amount of beard you have – start with a little as you can easily add more) on one of your hands. Rub your palms together then smooth it onto and into your beard. Take care to get it on to the skin underneath also then comb it through gently with your fingers. That’s all there is to it!



 Top 5 Best Beard Oil Products


Beard Oil and Conditioner, Fragrance Free, Glass Bottle with Glass Dropper



This is by far the favorite beard oil on with over a thousand reviews – and of those 856 gave it 5 stars and 111 gave it 4 stars.

It is a scentless oil so you can use your favorite body spray, deodorant  or other scented products you would usually use.

It is a  blend of  organic cold pressed, unrefined Golden Jojoba Oil and organic cold pressed, unrefined Moroccan Argan Oil.

Of the few reviewers who did not like this product 3 complained that they did not like the smell although the majority of excellent reviewers were agreed that it had no scent. Two complained that it seemed to just be oil – I am not quite sure what else they had expected??


Of those loving the product the most common statements were that it had stopped the itchy feeling, had helped to control the beard and that it had left it feeling in great condition and looking glossy.

Many people were impressed that so little was needed and commented on how easy it was to apply sparingly using the dropper provided.


Some comments from reviews:

“I previously used a cheaper beard oil that was rated 3.5 stars on Amazon and it was just OK. I decided to give this a try because of the stellar ratings and it is awesome. WOW. All day my facial hair feels soft and smooth like I just had a hot towel on my face. So glad I found this stuff.”

“This beard oil was a gift for my fiance and we both love it. From the first time he used the oil he noticed his beard and mustache were softer and his skin, which is often irritated and itchy, felt much better! As for me, his facial hair looks better and is more ‘kissably soft”! This company also strives to have excellent customer service and seems to be genuinely interested in supplying a superior product. This bottle will last a long time but we will definitely be ordering again when it runs out.

“My beard is softer than I ever remember it being and even has a little extra shine to it.”


This does seem to be a 5 star product containing high quality luxurious ingredients and perfect  if you are looking for a scentless oil.

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Natural Man Beard Oil 4oz All Natural Bay Lime Beard Conditioner by Botanical Skin Works




This is another well liked oil with the majority of reviewers giving it 4 or 5 stars. It has a bay lime scent which most people do like. A few users did not like the scent but both groups agree that it disippates within about 10 minutes. This was viewed as bad or good depending on whether or not they liked the smell in the first place.

It contains  Seasame Seed Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Vitamin E, West Indian Bay and  Lime, Rosemary & Australian Sandalwood Essential Oils.

Of the reviewers who did not like this product the major complaints were either that they did  not like the smell or that they had used a product other than oil previously and preferred to go back to that. 4 people complained of coming out in a rash but did accept that they were prone to this reaction.

Of those who DID like it – the most general comments were that it stopped the itch, gave the beard a good gloss and made it much more manageable.

Some of the comments were:

“I like the bay lime scent. It’s nice, not too strong, and doesn’t last too long. The oil works well enough, smoothing and softening my beard and preventing beard dandruff. Hard to argue with the price.”

“I’ve had this product for almost 7 months (down to the final drop currently) and it has worked wonders for my beard and has helped greatly with my split ends and maintaining moisture.”

 “Keeps my beard soft and gives it a clean and well groomed look with a slight sheen – not shiny.”

“Great stuff cleared up my itchy chin issue plus my beard looks and smells great.”

And – somewhat strangely:

“My husband uses this after he shaves, and on his bald head. Love, love, love the smell, and the way it leaves his skin.”

Altogether, a great, well-liked, well-priced product which delivers what it promises and contains high quality luxurious ingredients.

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Mountaineer Brand Natural Beard Oil-WV Timber




This is a generally well-liked product with 93 of the 134 reviewers giving it 5 stars.

The ingredients are Grapeseed oil, almond oil, castor oil, and essential oils of cedar and fir needle and it has a cedar smell reminiscent of Christmas trees.

Of the 20 people who gave this product a 3 star or lower review the main complaint was a dislike of the smell. A couple said it was thinner than other products they had used and one complained that when he packed it in his travel bag it leakednot sure that is the manufacturer’s fault!

Those liking the product (5  or 4 stars) in general have commented on the smothness and manageability of their beard after use. The majority of users loved the smell and reported that their partners did too. A few did not and that was the most common reason why some gave it 4 instead of 5 stars.

Comments from those liking the product include:

“This product works great. It makes my beard soft. If feels good going on. It does not have jojoba or argun oils like a lot of beard oils. Grapeseed though is a great base.”

“Has made a noticeable difference in manageability and softness of beard hair for me”

“Smells good with a fantastic long lasting softness and an overall difference in beard”

“This beard oil is amazing. .it’s light and easily absorbed and the scent is dead on. If you are looking for a great beard oil at a good price this is it. The scent is woodsy and crisp just like an autumn walk in a cedar grove.”


Another well-liked product with the majority of users giving 4 or 5 stars. It makes beards smoother and mor manageable and gives a light pine scent.

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Grave Before Shave Beard Oil (Bay Rum Scent)



Of 82 users who reviewed this product it got 5 stars from 69 and 4 stars from another 10 which is a very high percentage of really satisfied users!

It does not say what the ingredients are in this oil but does describe them as “all natural ingredients that condition, moisturize, and strengthen” It has a bay rum scent which users liked.

Of the three people who gave this 2 or 3 stars (none rated it only 1 star) all three liked the smell. One complained that it did not soften his beard which he described as continuing to resemble wire wool, one found it did not stop his beard itching and the third commented that :

“1.This smells fantastic!
2. This product is great for keeping a beard looking neat and clean without stray hairs, for which this product is made.” but he was disappointed that it did not come with a dropper and that if you wanted to shape your beard creatively another product would probably be better.

Some of those who liked the oil made the following comments:

 “I love the scent of this, and it really does work. Normally my beard is quite volumous, but with this it looks neat and kempt.”

“I came across this oil while looking through Amazon. I read the reviews and the price was where I wanted to be, so I chose this brand. I am happy I did because this stuff works great! No more itching or flakes. The smell is amazing and my wife likes it as well. It has a “fresh from the barber” smell and is not overwhelming at all.”

Altogether a whole heap of happy customers for this beard oil!

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The Woods Man Beard Oil – Pine & Cedarwood – Essential Oil Scented Beard Conditioner by The 2 Bits Man



This is a very well liked product with the overwhelming majority of reviewers giving it 4 or 5 stars.

The oil contains Grapeseed Oil, Scotch Pine Essential Oil, Cedarwood Essential Oil, Vitamin E Oil and has, understandably, a pine and cedarwood scent.

Of the few reviewers giving it 2 or 3 stars the main complaint was a dislike of the smell  and the only 1 star review complained that it smelt of pencil sharpenings – guess that would be the cedar smell then!

Those giving it 4 or 5 stars liked the smell and agreed that the oil made their beards feel smoother and look healthier. It also cut down or eliminated beard itch. Users were very happy with the product.

Among reviewers who liked the product the following were typical comments:

“This beard oil is wonderful. Facial dandruff has dropped to almost zero after a few weeks of use and my beard is quite tangle free and soft. My one complaint is that the scent wears off rather quickly, only two or so hours. Regardless, it does its job very well in every other regard!”

“Not only does this oil leave me smelling like I just came out of a deciduous forest but it has keep my beard less tangled and it feels more full. It has also helped with the winter beard itch. I would highly recommend the oil.”

“It is one of the few products on the market that really does what it says. Within a week of using it my beard was noticeably softer and it looked much healthier.”

A great oil which was well liked by most of its users and delivered what it promised.

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 Two more oils not specifically described as beard oils

Although not called “bears oils” there is no reason at all why these should not be used for the beard. They contain high quality ingredients which should do the job very well and are unscented.


Jojoba Oil, Organic, 100% Pure Cold Pressed Unrefined




This is 100% Jojoba oil and is unscented. It comes with a dropper which makes it easy to use. The bottle may look a little feminine as the main colour is pink. But if you are looking for a high quality oil for the beard this will do very well indeed. The reviewers were using it for a wide variety of skin and hair purposes but were overwhelmingly pleased with the product.





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Virgin Argan Oil





Another single oil product – scentless and not specifically described as beard oil, it is , nevertheless, entirely suitable for such use. Users were overwhelmingly satisfied and had used it for a variety of skin and hair purposes.





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I hope you’ve found this review of beard oil helpful and that you are now able to select the best beard oil for you.